10 things important to couples when choosing a destination wedding photographer

The villa’s booked, flights are in the bag, the squad is ready! Now all you’ve got to do is decide who’s going to photograph the big day. 

Do you go with a local recommendation or, do you fly out that photographer you’ve been kinda stalking/following on Instagram for like, forever?

It might feel like an extravagance to fly a photographer out from the UK to join you but, it’s often a lot more cost effective than you think!  And, if you’re like my couples and REALLY appreciate great photography, and know that it’s an investment for the future, then this is definitely an investment worth making.

There’s a heap of benefits to flying a destination wedding photographer out from the UK, one of them being they’ll stay with you longer as part of the package price. So if you’re planning on having a pre wedding boat party, and a post wedding bbq, you’ll get awesome shots of those events too!

But, I know it can be difficult to know where to start, so I asked some of my awesome couples exactly what was important to them when choosing a destination wedding photographer from the UK….

  • We were looking for someone that was approachable and friendly – it’s awkward posing in front of a camera so for us it was important we were made to feel really comfortable.
  • We’d been following you on Instagram for a while and really loved the natural style of your work and how relaxed everyone looked in your photos. That’s exactly what we were looking for!
  • Really understanding what we were looking to achieve. 
  • For us, English speaking was really important. We wanted someone that was able to understand our preferences, wants, dislikes and quirks really easily. We didn’t want to take any risks on the biggest day of our lives.
  • A cost that was inclusive of everything – there’s nothing worse than additional costs once you’ve signed a contract! 
  • Quick response time to emails. When you’re planning a wedding abroad there’s so much that needs to be done on email and it all takes a bit longer. So having really responsive suppliers is a dream!
  • Someone that’s good at working with other suppliers and helping each other when needed. This really needed to come across in the person we chose because they’d be working with all new suppliers in a different country.
  • Excitement! It was great seeing how excited you were about the venue and being there for us. It’s kind of infectious and makes you all feel even more excited.
  • Boring but we thought about admin bits – how it would be easier to make payments to a UK account etc, and not have to take extra Euros to pay suppliers.
  • Being able to meet up for a pre-wedding chat to go through everything, chat about the venue, talk through the details, styling etc. This made all the difference and gave us the chance to get to know you more before the big day.

I hope that has helped.If you have any questions then please get in touch!

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