4 Tips on booking a wedding florist

Becky from Feather and Ferns was kind enough to provide her expertise when it comes to booking a wedding florist. Here are her 4 top tips!

Checkout their website

When looking to book a wedding florist, take a good look at their website and social media accounts. Not only will you see their latest work (more so on the social media than website) but you will also find out what sort of style they tend to work in. For example, my style is quite natural –  no unnaturally dyed flowers like blue roses or faux flowers etc. although on my website I do state that I am happy to adapt my style to what people wish.

Book a consultation

I would always recommend you book a consultation with your chosen florist to see if you get on. I think it is really important that your florist is on the same page as you when discussing ideas. They should also be able to make suggestions of what is in season the month of your wedding, and know of alternatives if you suggest something out of season.

Decide on your budget

If on are on a tighter budget, think about what you want to spend your flower budget on – i.e try not to scrimp on your bridal bouquet as that’s the most photographed item. I also recommend not spreading lots of small arrangements out thinly. Much better to have one large arrangement that makes a big impact at an entrance, than say lots of little jars spread out all over the venue.

When meeting with your florist

Try and show/bring swatches of material, examples of stationary and any other colours and ideas you’ve chosen for your wedding. You could create a Pinterest board of flowers so the florist can see the styles you like, but be careful not to fall into the trap of unrealistic colourings on Pinterest and do keep it consistent.

If you can do both those pre-planning stages, the florist can then tie in the whole overall “theme” within the floral pieces, and make suggestions of flower choice from your colour palettes.

On the subject of colour palettes, these work really well when you are open to flower choices rather than wanting specific varieties of things. More often than not, a better result is had when you let the florist find flowers in the colours available that are in season.

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