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5 Tips on why a celebrant led wedding is the way to go

I had the pleasure of working with Stewart who is a fabulous wedding celebrant based in Brighton. I’m a big fan of celebrant led wedding ceremonies so I asked Stewart if he would kindly give some tips of why these ceremonies are the way to go. So here we go, over to you Stewart.

The very first rule of a Celebrant led wedding is that…there are NO rules!

More and more couples are choosing to go down the route of a celebrant led wedding as it gives them the freedom to have their ceremony absolutely anywhere….on a beach, in a brewery, at a festival…you name it – we can make it happen!

Celebrants are all round good eggs!

They are experts in love and so they should be – they spend a lot of time talking about and finding ways of sharing and spreading the magic of two people in love which makes them the perfect hosts for your wedding day!

It still surprises me that brides and grooms meticulously plan every element of their big day and yet some of them who choose ‘not’ to have a celebrant led wedding,  run the risk of anybody turning up from the local council to conduct their ceremony!

There are some amazing registrars out there but, as a bride – you would never dream of somebody else choosing your dress so why take a chance on not knowing who is conducting your ceremony?!

1 – Your Celebrant takes the time to get to know you!

Celebrants invest heavily in their couples, we need to get to know you in order to be able to share your love story. This happens over coffee (or sometimes wine), over FaceTime or Zoom!

We love to know how you met, when you met, who proposed, what you love about that person and equally what drives you crazy about that person…all of these answers help to shape your ceremony!

By the time you arrive at the top of the aisle, you will feel like the person standing there is an old friend!

2 – Break the Mould!

Your Celebrant will help you to push boundaries, to think outside the box…like having your ceremony in a circle instead of the traditional down the aisle formation.

We welcome the idea of ‘bridesmen’ instead of ‘bridesmaids,’ ‘flowernans’ instead of ‘flowergirls!’

We are flexible and accommodating. We encourage the fact that no two ceremonies should be the same and thats how it should be as no two couples… are ever the same!

The most important thing is that your ceremony is a reflection of you two – it is after all YOUR wedding day!

3 – Make a Song and Dance of it all!

Music is a key part of any celebration and your wedding should be the same!

I always ask my couples for a playlist of their favourite songs…I then play them while I am writing their ceremony…its like a window into that’s couples life and it is why I love to include song and dance in a wedding ceremony!

Why wait till the reception for the party to get started when we can start the celebrations right here!!! Who cares if its not the right song for a wedding – the important thing is that it is YOUR song – whatever that may be!

4 – Find the right words!

Go and ask your parents what their vows to each other were on their wedding day?…..I promise you they wont remember! A Celebrant will help you find all the right words for meaningful vows.

Who wants to say…’to have and to hold, in good times and bad, in sickness and health’ nowadays?!..when you can replace them with how you truly feel about that person..so much more romantic and special! Even better than this are ‘secret vows’ which your celebrant will help you craft and  keep from each other until the right moment in your ceremony! We’ll even give you a copy of them for your memory box so that when your children ask you what your vows were…you’ll have the answer!

5 – Goodbye Boring Wedding!

A fun, interactive, personalised ceremony is the very start of the celebrations as they mean to go on!

We’ve all been to boring weddings, some guests have even been found to be purposely late just so they don’t have to sit through the dreariness of it all! A celebrant led wedding should have your guests leaving saying ‘that is the best wedding we’ve ever been to!’

Say hello to a Celebrant led wedding and say Goodbye boring wedding!

Oh….and another thing – all of the above helps your photographer capture incredible moments that show exactly who you are!!

Celebrant led wedding - Century Club London Celebrant led wedding - Century Club London Celebrant led wedding - Century Club London Celebrant led wedding - Century Club London Celebrant led wedding - Century Club London Celebrant led wedding - Century Club London Celebrant led wedding - Century Club London Celebrant led wedding - Century Club London

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