About Me

I’m chuffed you’ve got this far and want to find out more about the man behind the camera!

A full-time UK and destination wedding photographer, I LOVE working with stylish, laid-back couples that want something totally unique on their wedding day, just like them.

I live just outside of London in a small market town called Saffron Walden with my wife Kelly, our daughter Edie and our dog – Ralph a Labrador Cross from Cyprus.

I’m a laid back, no fuss kind of guy, so you can be completely at ease around me – laugh, shout, swear! I’m there to capture the candid portraits that show the uniqueness of you!

And I’m not just another supplier. I’ll be the one driving you down to the beach at sunset getting you jumping over the rocks, or running back to the wedding after I’ve already left for the night, because I’ve found an incredible spot for a photo that is totally YOU!

Travel is my thing, and I’m so grateful that I can do this as part of my work. Want to elope and take me with you? I’m there! Need tips on planning your epic destination wedding? Read my blog for travel stories and tips.


Chocolate, especially brownies! • Ibiza • Football • The Gym • Sunday Roast • Sushi • Sunset and Sunrise • Trainers • Style & Fashion

Lee, Kelly and Edie on holiday on Kalkan