My approach is simple. I let the day flow naturally and document the emotions as they unfold in front of me. I won’t be that person that dictates anything on your wedding day. It’s your day to enjoy as you want it to be, I’ll be flexible and work around you.

I’m there to tell a story, to capture people being themselves naturally. I’ll get on with your guests, crack a few terrible jokes to get the smiles and make sure the mums are happy.

I’ll make suggestions based on my experience, but it’s important you know that you always have the final say. If you want to come out for some night shots that’s great, if you’d rather carry on partying – well I’ll be on the dance floor with you!

My approach allows me to capture images like these.

Emotions run high during speeches Wedding guests laughingWedding guests enjoying a moment between them Sarah and Stuart walking down the aisle at Swynford Manor

There is a place for formal shots to make sure you get those all important family portraits, but I suggest keeping these to a minimum so your guests aren’t hanging around. 5-6 groups shots is ideal taking no more than 25 minutes. You and your guests are there to enjoy your day, not be waiting around for me. And I can get back to doing what I do best, documenting those unseen moments.

I do like to allocate some time with just the two of you. This is time for you to relax and enjoy being together away from your guests. It’s only around half an hour, but we can split this into two 15 minute slots, one around sunset if possible as this is when the light is at its very best.

I capture you being natural with each other. There’s no crazy posing here, just be yourselves. If you normally cuddle each other, then have a cuddle. If you hold hands then do that. Whatever feels natural to you is perfect. I put everything into this 15 minutes so we can create some amazing photographs.

Tiffany and Neil sharing a kiss at South FarmBeautiful sunset at Milling Barn Sarah and Matt sharing a kiss at sunsetShiree and James having a cuddle at Chippenham Park Barrington Hall wedding - Hannah and Rich enjoying a cuddle