Bride and groom looking at each other with a Aperol Spritz

Borgo Stomennano Wedding Photography

Quite possibly the best wedding venue in Tuscany…

Of all the wedding venues in Tuscany, Borgo Stomennano is in a league of its own. Nestled in hundreds of acres of woodland, vineyards and olive groves sits an exquisite jumble of stone archways and ancient statues, rustic farmhouses and lovingly-kept Italian gardens. And at the centre of it all is the villa itself, its crumbling walls faded and cracked from centuries of Italian sun. If you’re dreaming of getting married in Tuscany, trust me on this. Have your wedding in Borgo Stomennano. 

And with elegant styling as timelessly beautiful as the venue itself, Josh and Rox’s day showed us just how idyllic a Borgo Stomennano wedding can be. From the intimate outdoor ceremony overlooking the rolling Tuscan hills, to the flawless golden hour in the olive groves, to the wild poolside party to finish the night, it was quite possibly the perfect wedding. 

If you’re tempted to have your wedding in Tuscany, come take a look. This might just be the final little nudge you need…

The first few hours of your wedding in Borgo Stomennano

Just imagine waking up on the morning of your wedding in the bridal suite of an 18th Century Italian villa. You stretch and yawn, padding across the soft carpets to the window. As you pull back the curtains, sunlight floods the room. And you spend a few peaceful minutes looking out across the wooded hills and vineyards of Tuscany. Smiling to yourself, and buzzing for the day ahead. 

After a little while, your bridesmaids knock on the door, give you an excited group hug, and put an Aperol and spritz in your hand. You spend the morning drinking and giggling with your besties, getting ready to marry the love of your life. As wedding mornings go, a wedding in Borgo Stomennano is a pretty tough one to beat.

Bridal styling inspiration for your wedding in Tuscany

Rox wore a classically stylish dress from Suzanne Neville, with a fitted bodice and flowing lace skirt. She completed the look with a classic bouquet of white roses and eucalyptus, Hollywood chic makeup and an awesomely cool pop of red from her lipstick. When she’d finished getting ready, we headed out together into the warm Italian sun. 

And even the walk from the bridal suite to the ceremony was just incredible! The smell of lemons and rosemary blooming from the pots as we passed. The sound of the gravel crunching beneath our feet, the crumbling walls and stone pillars of the villa. And as we emerged through the archway, we suddenly got that “oh wow!” view across the sundrenched hills of Tuscany. 

Sometimes it sounds like I’m making this stuff up. But I’m really not. A wedding in Borgo Stomennano really is this perfect.

An outdoor ceremony with a view

Rox and Josh said their vows beneath an incredible flower arch of gypsophila, backdropped by the beautiful Tuscan countryside. And of course, the ceremony was picture-perfect. But what I loved most about it was just how hopelessly, obviously into each other Rox and Josh were! They never stopped holding hands, laughing, hugging, kissing. The whole ceremony was so relaxed, so chilled. And so completely filled with love. 

After the ceremony, Rox and Josh kissed and cuddled (for the hundredth time!) and it was finally official. A huge cheer filled the gardens of the villa. And they were showered with fresh rose petal confetti as they walked off into the Borgo Stomennano gardens as husband and wife. They got to share what must’ve been about ten seconds alone, and were quickly chased down by the bridesmaids who couldn’t wait to congratulate them!

A Tuscany wedding drinks reception is a total vibe!

I bloody love a drinks reception in Tuscany! Sitting in the sunshine, eating Italian meats and cheeses, drinking prosecco and looking out across those incredible views. I’ve got to admit, as a wedding photographer, it takes a great deal of self-restraint not to just put the camera down, put my sunnies on and grab a glass! 

While the guests were gorging on prosecco and prosciutto, I snuck Rox and Josh away from the crowds for a while. Firstly, because I wanted to get at least a few shots on that iconic driveway! (I mean, what kind of Borgo Stomennano wedding photographer would I be if I didn’t?!)

But mainly because as a wedding photographer, I always want my couples to have the best experience possible. And in the midst of all the attention and the excitement, it’s important to carve out a few minutes for yourselves here and there. Time to just take a breath, take a moment, and focus solely on each other.

Reception dinner in the gardens of Borgo Stomennano

We rejoined the guests for dinner in Borgo Stomennano’s beautiful back garden. With sunlight dappling through the trees and fairy lights strung between the branches, it was beautiful, intimate, and blissfully quiet. 

And the reception styling was on point! Banqueting tables were set up in a single curve to fit harmoniously with the shape of the garden. The tablescape was elegantly rustic, with white roses, olive sprigs and Limoncello on every place setting. 

And with only their closest family and friends all sat chatting, eating and drinking around the same table, the atmosphere was amazing. It felt like I’d been invited to join a really beautiful (albeit pretty boozy!) family meal.

Tuscany wedding photography is all about the golden hour!

After dinner, the setting sun streamed through the branches above and I whisked Rox and Josh away for our little golden hour adventure. 

And let me tell you, there are few things more romantic than golden hour in Borgo Stomennano. Walking hand-in-hand through the olive groves, looking out together across the spectacular views to the mediaeval walls of Monteriggioni. It was pretty special. 

As the sun disappeared behind the hills, we headed back to the garden to rejoin the guests. There were a few more speeches, a lot more wine, and a whole lotta laughter beneath the twinkling fairy lights.

When a guest is singing into a beer bottle mic, you know it’s one hell of a party!

Before the evening party kicked off properly, Rox and Josh got their ‘Merry Berry’ on and helped pipe the cream for their traditional Italian Millefoglie wedding cake. 

Now as a wedding photographer, I’ve seen a lot of cake cuttings. But I’ve never seen a couple make their own cake before! It was really fun, so different, and a really cool twist on the usually generic ‘meh’ moment of cutting the cake. After we’d all sampled their handiwork (delicious, in case you were wondering), it was time to party. 

Borgo Stomennano sleeps 38 guests between the villa and 6 farmhouses. So literally everyone was within stumbling distance of bed. And I tell you what, these guys made the most of it! Kids were jumping in the pool, the DJ was dropping banger after banger. And despite knocking back numerous Aperol Spritz and Tequilas, everyone was still going strong at 1am!

Bride and groom help make their wedding cake
Guests partying at Bride and groom at sunset in the Olive gardens at Borgo Stomennano
Bride singing
Guests dancing around the bride at Bride and groom at sunset in the Olive gardens at Borgo Stomennano
Bride and friend pretend to DJ at the wedding at Bride and groom at sunset in the Olive gardens at Borgo Stomennano
Wedding guests cuddle at the end of the night

It’s not a Borgo Stomennano wedding without a pool party

I’m not gonna lie, there were a lot of hungover faces the next morning! But luckily, we had Italian sunshine, a tasty BBQ and an outdoor pool to clear out the cobwebs and bring us back to life! The smell of charcoal and meat filled the air, the kids played and splashed around, and one-by-one we all tested the waters with our first Aperol and spritz of the day! 

And I think this is one of the best things about having a wedding in Borgo Stomennano. Because it’s not just about going somewhere pretty to get married. It’s about shaking off all the time pressure, the expectations and the big guest lists that come with getting married in the UK. It’s about spending quality time with your family and friends, soaking in every moment together as a couple, and enjoying the experience for all it’s worth.

Looking for a Borgo Stomennano wedding photographer?

As a documentary wedding photographer with a soft romantic underbelly, an obsession for style and a penchant for a party, this was my kinda wedding. But my favourite thing wasn’t the beautiful light, the exquisite styling or the incredible venue. It was Rox and Josh themselves. The love in their eyes when they looked at each other, how they held hands at every opportunity, and kissed every chance they got. 

Because the truth is, whether you’re having your wedding in Borgo Stomennano, or in your local pub, your all-consuming love for each other will always be the best thing about your wedding day. And it will always be my favourite thing to capture. 

If you love my work and think I’m the right person to tell your story, I’d be so excited to hear from you. Get in touch today and let’s have a chat and get to know each other.

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