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A big wedding takes a lot planning and it can also cause a lot of stress! If this sounds like your worse nightmare, then eloping could be the answer.

I love being an elopement wedding photographer because it allows me to really capture who you are in a natural way. I was honoured to join Dina & Nathaniel on their honeymoon to capture them together at sunrise and sunset. Ok, it was ever so slightly different to an elopement wedding but, very similar in how it would be photographed.

What does an elopement mean?

The term eloping literally means ‘running away’ – and it’s what couples used to do when they wanted to get married in secret.

In recent years elopements have evolved. Now it can mean just the couple getting married by themselves, but you can also elope with a few of your closes friends and family. Basically, no hard and fast rules here, and one of the benefits is there are no restrictions!

Benefits of eloping?


You have the freedom to get married wherever you like and plan a day that means everything to you. No following trend, just exactly what you want. Want have your first dance at a top of a mountain or maybe a beach in Thailand? GO FOR IT!

Often it will be just the two of you, so you really can do exactly what you want.

Cost effective or more expensive?

They can be more cost effective. You’ll definitely save on your catering costs, but you might want to push those savings into an amazing location or investing in a wedding planner.

A tip for you, I think a wedding planner is a must for elopements. A local planner will know the area, know the best places for you to go and you’ll be able to use their experience and expertise to plan the best day for you.

Where to elope too?

There are so many opportunities here it would be be impossible to list them all, but check out my blog on the top 5 elopement destinations to give you a start.

Whether it’s on a beach or up a mountain, the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t have to be a massive adventures, it could be at your favourite cinema or a stylish cocktail bar you love.

Elopement wedding photography pricing

Please get in touch for elopement wedding prices.

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