How much does a wedding photographer cost? The truth behind the price


Very well written!! I may well do something similar for string quartet!!! It’s all about educating people as to the time and effort before during and after a wedding takes place!! Not to mention experience and talent!!!

Thank you Cheryl! Yes you definitely should. I think because it is the first time people have planned a wedding they don’t just know and understand what is involved!

Great tips. This helps couples to understand the cost of services. All professionals should explain their costs, this makes it clear on why certain services cannot be under a certain amount.

Thank you Emma. Yes I hope it will help them understand the work that goes into it. I think every supplier should do one!

Really like how you have explained it Lee – we have started telling clients how many hours go into a wedding cake and seen them have some lightbulb moments!

Thanks so much Rachel. I definitely think it helps to educate our clients and show how much work goes into it.

Great & informative article Lee, I hope that other photographers take note, as well as potential clients. We love (and are good at) what we do, but we are running businesses with all the expense that involves, so need to charge a proper amount to cover all the things you’ve mentioned!

Thanks Nicki! Yes hopefully!