Wedding party in full swing at Villa Mavi Koy

My approach

This page will give you a flavour of how I approach a wedding and the style of photography I deliver to my couples. If you’ve got this far then I’m hopeful you already love my work but, hiring a photographer is much more than that!
You’ll be with me for 10+ hours on the happiest day of your lives, so we really need to get on well and I need you to trust me to capture your day, my way.

Mixed Bag

My style of photography is a mixture, mainly made up of documentary and natural portraits. Those real, raw moments are what really drive me though. The shots I capture where you’re laughing in hysterics or sobbing like a child – those emotional moments of the day that in 10 or 20 years time will take you right back to that exact place in time.

Choosing Lee as our photographer was the best decision! Not only is he a genuinely lovely guy but he is absolutely fantastic at what he does!” – Leone Richardson

Bride and groom kiss in Dubai

Couple portraits

Two 15 minute slots for these on the day is perfect, ideally one being around sunset. Its the perfect time to have a few moments away from the craziness, and don’t worry, they’ll be super relaxed.

Be yourselves and I’ll capture you both together naturally as you are. Have a walk and talk about the day – did your maid of honour embarrass herself during bridal prep and you’re dying to tell your new husband about it? Now’s the time, and I’ll capture him cracking up.

Just have fun with it!

Bride and groom walking and looking at each other at Borgo Stomennano
Bride and groom walking hand in hand on the London Streets after their Marylebone Town Hall wedding

family formals

I’m really not a fan of the word ‘formal’. It’s so far from what I’m about but, it describes the family shots that parents and grandparents seem to love!

Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate they are important and it’s important to capture them, but I want you both to crack on and enjoy your epic wedding party, not keep you hanging around posing with a stream of your family filtering past! There’s nothing worse than standing around for hours on end photographing every combination of family portrait. And honestly, if this is the most important part for you, then I’m probably not the right photographer for you!

I recommend around 6-8 group shots that cover your immediate family and bridal party. These should only take 20 minutes max!


This is everything I’m about, capturing those fleeting moments that you may not even see on the day. It’s these small looks or laughs that build up the story of the day, and if everyone was standing around waiting for family group shots, these gorgeous shots wouldn’t happen.

It could be granny and grandad having a little moment watching the speeches, or your mum throwing some serious shapes on the dance floor! These are the images you really want to look back on, literally the essence of the day!

Grooms grandad strokes his wife's face

the party

I love this part of the day because everyone’s loosened up and ready to let go!

I’ll be there right in the mix capturing those epic dance floor shots that we all love. I often shoot with natural light so I can capture the true atmosphere of the party.

Wedding guest having fun at an Essex wedding

that’s it!

So that’s it, that’s how I work on the day.

You put your trust in me and I will capture the most incredible moments of the best day of your life. Every photo you look at will transport you right back to that very moment, even if it’s two, three, even 20 years later!

It’s a bloody honour to be at anyones wedding, let alone be trusted to document it. I can’t believe I get to be so lucky to do this as a job and to make so many people smile.

Hopefully you’re down with all that and ready to chat? Book a consultation here and lets get this party started!…

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