Qualities You Really Need in a Wedding Planner

Having a wedding planner is so vital to having your day run smoothly without any stress or headache. I was speaking with Vanessa from Harness & Co and they kindly agreed to give me some top qualities to look out for when you are searching for a wedding planner.

As an industry leading and award winning Wedding Planner with over 15 years experience in event planning and management, I have expansive experience and a reputation for creating beautiful luxury and more complex outdoor weddings. A typical wedding may have 7-10 suppliers, some of our weddings have had over 30-40 suppliers all required to work seamlessly together to bring the design and vision to life.

As a member of the National Association of Wedding professionals, I often guide and mentor newcomers and a common question for both new planners and couples alike is what qualities they most need and what qualities our clients look for. So here’s our top qualities;

Collaboration and Vision
A top quality is the ability to listen to our clients. You may know exactly what you want or you may have an idea but struggle to translate this into something everyone else understands – through our years collaborating with couples we have honed the all important skill of listening and ensuring we understand your vision, which allows us to create for you, your perfect day.

Our clients definitely love looking through our many and varied portfolios of previous weddings. Knowing that we have the experience and expertise and being able to see what we have previously created is vitally important. If you are looking to work with a wedding planner and they can’t show you previous real weddings then its time to walk away…! and if you are looking to get in to planning, then sadly having planned your own wedding isn’t enough. We would advise contacting and volunteering to work alongside an experienced and established planner with a view to building your portfolio.

An almost obsessive attention to detail
The devil as they say is in the detail. Whilst we love getting our creative and design juices flowing, we also understand that all that is wasted if the day is ruined by a minor detail. As professional planners we plan meticulously every last detail, that could be carrying out complex power distribution calculations for an outdoor wedding, through to ensuring every last RSVP is managed and set.

Yep OK you got us, we are obsessed and everything has to be just perfect. You will see this on the day when as a planner we work with the photographer to ensure your dress finely fluffed for every single shot, you always have a drink in your hand, and that every place setting is perfectly aligned with every knife, fork or spoon polished to a perfect shine.

If your selected planner has all the above qualities then you should be in safe hands. If in doubt or you haven’t decided on a planner as yet, then do drop us a line to see how we can help with one of our bespoke planning service ranging from Full Planning, Partial planning to One the Day Coordination.

Thank you Vanessa for this top advice!

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